Vietnam Post War Photos

Photos of Tay Nihn

by John Organ

John returned to Vietnam in 2006

1)  On the Road To Dau Tieng - Tay Ninh Province 

2)  Bowl for Collecting Rubber Tree Sap

3)  Boy On Water Buffalo

4)   Boy On Water Buffalo    

5)  Boy On Water Buffalo

6)  Buffalo Wrangler

7)   Farewell To Buffalo Boy  

8)  Tay Ninh Cao Dai Sect Temple     

9)   Tay Ninh Cao Dai Sect Temple

10)   Noon Service Cao Dai Sect    

11)   Temple Grounds Cao Dai Sect at Tay Ninh     

12)   Noon Service Cao Dai Sect   

13)   Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh  

14)  Cao Dai Temple    

15)    Cao Dai Temple 

16)   Detail of Cao Dai Temple - Tay Ninh 

17)  Detail of Cao Dai Temple - Tay Ninh  

18)  Detail of Cao Dai Temple    

19)  Detail of Cao Dai Temple

20)  High Priests of Cao Dai Sect

21)  High Priests of Cao Dai Sect 2

22)  Ed at Cao Dai Temple

23)  Restaurant in Tay Ninh City

24)  Restaurant Where We Had Lunch in Tay Ninh City

25)  Black Lady Mountain

26)  Gondolas That Take You To Cave On Black Lady Mountain

27)  John At Base Of Black Lady Mountain Near Cambodia

28)  Old Main Gate To Di An Base

Thank You John for the photos and helping 709th & 99th

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