Vietnam Post War Photos

Photos of Tan An

by John Organ

John returned to Vietnam in 2006

1)  Approaching Tan An from the South     

2)  Ed Goes Native - Tan An-Long An Province

3)  Ed At Roadside Coffee Bar North of Tan An

4)  Tan An-Old Movie Theater in Town

5)  Tan An -Center of Town


6)   Tan An-Schol on Site of Old 3rd Brigade HQ

7)  Tan An-Ed and John at School Where John Taught in 1970

8)   Ed and John Incite Riot   

9)   Tan An-Kids Wave Good Bye to Us

10)  Tan An-Kids Will Not Return To Class

11)  Tan An - John and Ed Say Goodbye to Kids 

12)  Tan An Courtyard of Catholic Church

13)   Tan An-Catholic Church  


14)    Tan An-Bell Tower for Church   

15)  Tan An-High School Where John Taught in 1970

16)   Tan An High School

17)  Students Going Home for Lunch

18)  Tan An-Students Crossing 1A To Go Home   

19)  Tan An-Johns Old Class Room 2nd Floor

20)  Tan An- John In Court Yard of School

21)  Tan An-Ed In Court Yard of Tan An High School

22)  Tan An War Museum

Thank You John for the photos and helping 709th & 99th

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