Veterans Memorials of

South Vietnam

The wall

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Photos of Veterans Day at The Wall in 

Washington D. C.

By Doc Bob Pries 2/47th Inf.


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9th Inf. Div. Memorial

At Fort Snelling National Cemetery


I was going to put a story here about the 9th Inf. Div. memorial at Ft. Snelling and after I saw Leon Baldwin's site on Ft. Snelling, it was outstanding so I'm going to put a link to his pages here. Click the Octofoil below to view 


 Ft Snelling

The Maryland Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

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By Dean W. Ayres

Maryland Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Highway

Sign along Md State Rt. 24 in Harford County Maryland .

This photo was used to make the background for this page.

By Dean W Ayres

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