The Boat Ride

Crossing The Pacific



Ships to carry 9th Inf. Div Troops & Equipment to  South Vietnam

USS Gen. Daniel Sulltan

Took over the advance party of the 15th Engineers

and the 9th Inf. Div Arrived on Dec. 16th 1966

USNS General Maurice Rose Troop Ship


Info on the USNS Rose

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Photos From the Rose by John Venters

A Battery, 1st Battalion 11th Artillery

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USNS William Wiegel Troop Ship


Info on the USNS Weigel

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USNS Francis Marion Troop Ship

USNS Alexander M. Patch Troop Ship

Arrived Jan 1,1966 

USNS General John Pope Troop Ship

USNS Geiger Troop Ship

USNS Upshur Troop Ship

The ships left San Francisco Bay and arrived in Vung Tau South Vietnam

There at Last sure was a long trip !! 


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