Back Together After 40 Years

If you have met with any of the guys please send in a photo to be placed here.

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Dean Ayres


Above on the left is Jim Bearer from Co D 709th Maint In Ben Luc.


On the Right is Dean Ayres from Co E & Co. D 709th Maint in Dong Tam & Ben Luc

We were reunited at Dean Ayres home Phoenix, Md  2002

Above on the left is Bill Miller  Co B 99th CSB  from Tan An Air Field


on the right is Dean Ayres Co B 99th CSB at Tan An Air Field

reunited at Rolling Thunder at the Wall In DC. 2003

Above on the left is Tony Fisher from Co. B 99th CSB in Ben Luc


on the right is Dean Ayres from Co B 99th CSB in Ben Luc

and were reunited at Tony's home out side of KC MO. 2004

On the left side is Dean & Kathy Ayres and on the right side is Steve & EJ Fetty

 Steve and I served at Tan An Field in 1969/70

We were reunited 2003

On the left is Dean Ayres in the middle is Ron Phillips and Ron's wife on the right

Ron and Dean served at Tan An Field 69/70

We were  reunited 2004 at a car show at the York PA fair grounds

The red hot rod is Ron's 

Also reunited was Bob Parault & Danny Stover Co E 709th at Dong Tam 1967

Danny is pushing Bob in the wheel chair

Bob did you have to much beer ???

Left Bob Ski Right Doug Chattin

Left Stew Koontz Right Bob Ski

Left Mickey Hardy Right Bob Ski

Left Bob Ski Right Bernard Mahon

Hq & A Co 709th Maint & Co B 99th CSB

Left to right Bliss Page, Robert Fellers, Roger Graffius, & John Schrieber

Co B 709th Maint BN

If you have a photo of you and your buddy that was reunited please send it to me and I will post it here

Thank You

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