Photos Of Ben Luc

By Tony Fisher


1) Tony Fisher Co. B 99th CSB.

2) Pete giving peace sign & other two ?????

3) YES we can fix it at Ben Luc Shop  Sgt. Kelly will do it

4) SP/5 Jackson

5) David Rudd

6) Frank Townsend going for a fresh load

Tony Road shotgun for him sometimes going to 

Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base for water

7) Outside the gate at Ben Luc

8) Outside the gate at Ben Luc

9) Hard Day Everything is repaired

10) Tony Hooch

11) Guard Tower between Ben Luc & Tan An

12) A Hooch between Ben Luc & Tan An 

13) Just jungle and more jungle

14) M-158 Ammo Carrier at Ben Luc 

Yes just 1 more beer and WE can fix it 

15) Outside the gate at Ben Luc

16) Rice Patties

17) David Rudd

18) Sgt. Kelly

19) Left ?????  Right SP/5 Jackson

20) Hey Pop take it easy you are going to fast

21) Around Saigon

22) Shell Station in Ben Luc

23) SP/5 Jackson in the back

Terry Ashcraft in the front

24) Terry Ashcraft Left

Right ?????????????????

25) Tan Son Nhut Air Force  Base

26) Tony Fisher on the left

David Rudd on the Right

27) V-100 used for sweeping Mines 9th Div Mp's

28)  ????????????????

Can you help let use know if you know anyone



THANK YOU   Tony for helping The 709 & The 99th

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Last up dated 02/05/03