Photos of Ben Luc

By Jim Bearer

Co. D 709th Maint.

1)  Jim Bearer working on a P C at Ben Luc Yard

2) Bunker to the right of the gate Topito's Bunker

3) Topito's Bunker at front gate

4) SP/5 Jim Bearer building his own bunker

5) Joe Bates in our bunker 6/67

6) Mud Hole

7)  The west side of Ben Luc Base Camp Co. D 709th Maint

8) A PC that burned up on Thunder Road

on the way to Binh Phouc

9) East side of Ben Luc Camp Co D 709th Maint

10) Ben Luc's Co D 709th Maint First Base Camp 1967

11) A Bus on Highway QL 4

12) Joe Bates at the steel wall along Highway QL4

13) The main entrance to Co D 709th Maint. Base Camp off QL 4

14) Morning Mail Arrival at Ben Luc 1967

15) Thunder Road Between Tan An & Binh Phuoc

16) Truck hit by a mine 1967

17) APC hit by recoilless rifle 1967

18) Kids at the front gate 1967

19) Burned up twin 40 1967

20) Engine from Co.A  5/60th Mech Mortar APC   A-43

21) Ben Luc Compound 1967 looks like we needed some rain

22) Inside west Wall

23) North Wall Ben Luc

24) Jim Bearer in front of a APC hit a mine on Thunder Rd.

25) APC on the way to the bone yard

26) Building the Command Post

27) Completed the Command Post

28) Jim Bearer Today Living Happly in Pa.

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