Rick "Doc" Jarvis

Photo for you to enjoy


1)  Remember this place?

2) LZ in Long An Province January 1968

3) LZ in Long An Province January 1968

4) Sweep in Long An Province January 1968

5) One of my favorite photo I took.

This soldier could be anyone who served in Vietnam, 

Head in hand, reflecting. January 1968

6)  Captured weapons cache, Long An Province.

 Displayed at Tan An Air Field

7)  More of the captured cache. The shadow is me.

8) Incoming slicks, Tet 1968 

I was Coppered out to an Overrun ARVN camp with 3 other medics during the first night of Tet.

 This Picture was taken the next day when we returned. We took 22 body bags off the choppers.

9) Dust off , February 1968. That's Victor Charlie with his hands tied behind his back at the front of the chopper

10) Monsoon at Tan An Air Field

11) Ben Luc Bridge, Going south.

12)  Quad 50's at 709th Maintenance Bn., Ben Luc

13)  Front gate at Ben Luc Base Camp

14)  Back of Ben Luc Base Camp from Allen & Ellis Bunker

15)  Lt. Tom Hamilton

16)  Yeeha!! Is the GI Larry ??

17) Chaplain Sanders

18) 2 guy from the left is Walter Kliza. Can anyone put names to these men ??

19) Standing  Marion bottom left Robert J Ellis

20) Bob Garner sitting, Standing Lonnie R Allen

21) Front left "Doc" Jarvis, Front center ???, 2nd row left ????,  2nd guy Larry Oxford, 3rd guy Bob Ellis,

 And the the guy with the dark glass is Walter Kliza and the rest of the names are lost to me.

22) Larry Oxford at the window of bunker with a M-60

23) Doc's Hospital

24) Monsoons at Ben Luc

25) "Doc" Jarvis and Ken  ??

26) Rick "Doc" Jarvis on supply run to Tan An

Ben Luc Base Camp

27) This BUD"S for me !! 709th Maint. Ben Luc

28) Rick "Doc" Jarvis  709th Maintenance Bn.

Ben Luc Vietnam

29) Rick And Son Bobby Jarvis, 2003

30) Robert J Ellis & Lonnie R Allen  hooch  

Thank You  Richard "Doc' Jarvis for the Photos of Ben Luc and helping the 709th.

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