Photos of Ben Luc

By Eddie Sadlo


1) Co D 709th Maint.Bn. at Ben Luc

at the first Base March 1967

2) Co D 709th Maint Bn. at Ben Luc

at the first Base March 1967

3) The Guy on the left was the  CO  early 1968 He was replaced

by Capt. Harry Torrence in the clubhouse

4) Our Cook in the clubhouse does anyone know his name

5) A two man bunker I sleep in the 2nd night I was there because my tent was

hit by a mortar, the bunk was Sgt. Munos and he was on guard duty that night

6) They are surveying the damage from a mortar attack. That is what was

 left of our piss tube the pallet is what we stood on and the cot was mine.

 Does anyone know the two guys ????????

7) Do you know this guy ???????????????

8) This photo was taken from the top of my bunker and

the 2 guys above surveying the mortar damage lived in it.

9) M - 60 at the base of one of the guard towers

10) Taken for the guard tower on the west side of the compound,

In the back ground is hwy QL-4

11) Latrine, two Man Bunker, Flag, village in the background

12) Ben Luc Bridge

13) Our Compound at the height of activity

14) Eddie Sadlo in front of an M88  at Co D 709th Maint Bn.

 at Ben Luc at the first Base March 1967


This is a photo of Eddie Sadlo at a Saloon in scenic,

 South Dakota, Sturgis Rally, 1999

Thank You Eddie for the photos to E-Mail Eddie

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