Photos of Ben Luc

by Dean Ayres  

1) The guy on the left was Dick Jansen the Co. Clerk

The 2nd Guy was First Sgt. Richardson

The 3rd Guy was Capt. Hiller The CO. of Co B

The 4th guy is Jim Lafeavre

2)  Lt. Zorn  any one know the first name

3) Clerks in the shop Office The guy on the left is Shipman

the guy in the center is May the guy on the right ????

4) B Co. Orderly Ben Luc


5) Sign for the Club at Ben Luc

6) Day Rm. at Ben Luc

7) Inside the Club at Ben Luc 

8) Ben Luc bridge before it was blown up 

9) Ben Luc Bridge After it was blown up

10) The floating Bridge at Ben Luc when the main Bridge was being repaired

11) Floating Bridge at Ben Luc

12) D Co. Carpenter Name ????

13) ??????? If you know who this is please let me know

14) One of the store Rm.

15) 3 guys ????

16) ?????????

17) Guard Tower & Main Gate

The Co's Driver & Jeep (B-6)

Bob (Ski) Gulczynski and has changed his last name to Golden

18) ???? 2 guys ????

19) Not sure but I think he was a cook

20) A small puddle of that Clean Water

21) Tom McGee the Co's Driver

22) ???????????

23) Tony Fisher


24)  Kerry Campo


25)  Kerry Campo


27) Co Clerk Sp/5 Jenson


28) Cook at the Mess Hall

29) Steak Bake at Ben Luc 


30) The guy on the left Hoyt R Kelly

The guy on the right Karry Campo


31) Hoyt R Kelly back on the fork lift

32) Once more Mr. Hoyt R Kelly


33) The shop Area at Ben Luc the signs above the doors Said 

K&S Speed Shop  Home of the fastest Wrench


34) VTR  B 123 


35) VTR B 123

36) VTR B 123

37) Mess Hall & Mess Sgt


38) Bunker at Ben Luc


39) Hooch Girl Her Name is Hue  




42) Hue


44) ???????







If You Know anyone in the above Photos

 please contact Dean Ayres

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Last updated 11/27/2004