Photo By Robert (Bob) Gregoire

for you to enjoy


1) 1Lt. Robert " Bob" Gregoire, Shop Officer,

Co. D 709th Ben Luc, Nov 1967 Co.

2) Front Gate Co. D 709th Ben Luc

3) Co. D 709th's wrecker parked on Hwy 4

4)  Sp4 Dennis Moro Co D 709th Shop Clerk

5)  Snake found in Co. D's work area

6)  Co. D 709th's Maint. Plat. work area

7) Co. D 709th's Mess Hall and Supply storage area

Ben Luc Nov 67

8)  Co. D 709th Supply storage area

9) Co. D 709th mechanics at work

10)  Co. D 709th mechanics at work

11) Bunker in the rear of Co. D 709th Ben Luc Nov 1967

12) Two Hueys over Ben Luc

13)  US Army VN Hqtrs in Long Binh

14) Dong Tam from Huey Dec 1967

15) River Boat at Dong Tam Dec 1967

16) River boat at Dong Tam Dec 1967

17) River Boat Mother Boat Dong Tam Dec 1967

18) VN girl

19)  Old VN man (rare)

20)  Ben Luc meat market Nov 1967

21) VN boat people

22)  Ben Luc

23) VN shopping area town unknown

24) Saigon street vendor

25) Taxi in Saigon

26) Washing car near Saigon

27) VN girl wearing her Au Di

28) Plowing rice field VN style Dec 1967

29) School teacher in Ben Luc

30) VN men walking by Co. D 709th's front gate

31) Ben Luc school kids

32) Ben Luc market

33) Ben Luc Sign on Hwy QL4

Thank You  Bob Gregoire for the Photos of Ben Luc and helping the 709th. If You can Help with any Info. for  this page  please e mail Bob

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