Photos of Ben Luc By

Bill Auerbach

Co. D 62nd Engineers at Ben Luc


Our Battalion was stationed in Long Binh. Some of our accomplishments there was to build the Long Binh Heliport, the largest in the world at that time. We also built the Long Binh Amper-Theater where Bob Hope entertained our troops Christmas of 67.

About 5 weeks before Christmas 67, Company D about 35 men, were reassigned to Ben Luc to repair a bridge on Q4 in the Delta, which had been blown by the VC. From that point on Co. D was known as the Delta Task Force. We Built bridges, schools, aid stations and also cleared and repaired roads.

Our stay at the White House compound was only for a few months. Just before Tet 68, we moved down the road to the 7th of the 8th Artillery base.

I was always taking photos; many of which were taken at your compound. I hope these bring back memories of some of the good times.

Just like many of us, Iím at a loss for some names of the great men I served with. If you see your photo please contact me, were looking for you.


1) Chopper LZ from top of bunker

2) Chopper Pad inside compound

3)  Chopper Pad inside compound

4) Lt. Bodine, Burns, Knute

5) Co. D 62nd Eng

6) Co. D 62nd Eng

7) Mosquito gun

8) fishing along Q4

9) Traffic along Q4

10) 62nd Convoy breakdown along Q4

11) Outside gate looking down toward artillery base

12) Chopper LZ

13) Ben Luc School

14) Ben Luc School kids

15) Ben Luc School addition

16) Ben Luc School addition

17) Ben Luc School kids

18) Ben Luc Christmas show

19) Ben Luc Christmas show

20) Ben Luc Christmas show

21) Ben Luc Christmas show

22) Ben Luc Christmas show

23) Ben Luc Christmas show

24) Ben Luc Christmas show

25) Ben Luc Christmas show

26) Ben Luc Christmas show

27) Ben Luc Christmas show

28) Ben Luc Christmas show

29) Ben Luc Christmas show

30) Ben Luc Christmas show

31) Ben Luc Christmas show

32) Ben Luc Christmas 67 Building stage

33) Ben Luc Christmas 67 Duster arriving

34) Ben Luc Christmas 67

35) Ben Luc Christmas show 67

36) Ben Luc SantaTom Christmas eve 67

37) Ben Luc Christmas show 67

38) Ben Luc Bridge

39) Ben Luc Bridge Paver

40) MPC

41) News clipping 62nd Eng

42) Ben Luc News clipping 62nd Eng

43) Ben Luc Watching Air Strike atop trucks

44) Ben Luc Rich Ask on Dozer

45) Ben Luc white house gate in background

46) Ben Luc M60 Lead Jeep

47) Ben Luc Village

48) 5 Ton Ben Luc 67

49) Building the sink for the mess hall

50) Capt. and Major

51) wash day at ben luc

52) swamp party dunking

53) Lt. Bodine swamp dunking

54) Gate in front of White House

55) Chinook picking up downed Chopper

56) Chopper LZ from top of bunker

57) Ben Luc motor pool Morris

58) Collie and Ed balzer

59) Ben Luc Swamp party

60) Ben Luc Little Do

61) Ben Luc Center compound

62) Ben Luc Bridge entrance

Thank You Bill for the photos

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