Originally established by the Secretary of War as a ribbon-only award in 1945, the medal was added in 1949. Awarded to members of the US Army, on or after 07 DEC 1941, "For Heroism, Meritorious Achievement, or Meritorious Service" Bronze "V" device worn to denote Valor/Heroism in Combat. Second and subsequent awards are denoted by bronze Oak Leaf Clusters; a silver Oak Leaf Cluster is worn in lieu of five bronze.

Terry Ashcraft /w  Bronze Oak Leaf 

Tony Fisher

Albert Gulliver w/ Bronze Oak Leaf  w/V  

James W Patterson Jr. /w Bronze Oak Leaf

Jim Paul /w 1 oak leaf cluster


Michael Fealy

Richard Grass

Will Howard

Russ Johnson /w 2  Bronze Oak Leaf

Norby Dudeck


Kenneth Foss

Jim Greogry 

  Stew Koontz w/Bronze Oak Leaf 

Ron Snyder

Robert Hill



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