About this Website

This website has been built for EVERYONE who served in the 709th Maintenance Battalion and 99th Combat Service Battalion in Vietnam.

As a veteran who served in the 709th/99th, THIS IS YOUR WEB SITE!  and is always undergoing revisions based on information received from you!!!

Here is a place for you to post whatever you want (stories, pictures, etc.) about what your Company did on your tour so that you and your brothers of the 709th and 99th can see what went on before and after your tour.

We hope to create a first hand view and record of the entire 709th/99th involvement.

To make this site work, we need your help. We need your input, your stories, your pictures to post as your work, under your name. We need to know what base camps were there, where they were, what they looked like (Pictures). What was your job and what sections did you work in. Your Stories and information are very important to make this site work.

This web site is not mine - it is yours. I am the Webmaster. I will do my best to put your information in your way under your name. Letís be proud of what we did and make our brothers of the 709th/99th proud of the rest of all the units that we served with.



Credits for the people who have supplied info or material to make this webpage possible for the 709th Maintenance & the 99th Combat Support Battalions.  THANK YOU for your support in input. 


Leon Baldwin  9th Infantry Division


Thank you for supplying the Graphics that are on all pages of this site



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