709th & 99th 2012 Reunion Photos

By Tony Stabinsky Page 2

Sept. 12th thru 15th, 2012

Thank You 

83) Ron Phillips, Ann Phillips, Chef Denny

84) John Blanchette, Chef Denny

85)  Chuck Gallinger,  Chef Denny

86) Beth Ayres Cooking & Shucking the corn

87) Donna Blanchette Chef Denny

88) Pam Tichy, Ron Tichy, Chef Denny

89) Wendell Shafer, Shelly Marcus,  Chef Denny

90) Bob Nase, Wendell Shafer, Chef Denny

91) Ken Foss, Carol Foss, Chef Denny

92)  Rick Bossard, Jim Lambert, Chef Denny

93)  Eddie Bloxsom, Jim Labert

94) Maria Bloxsom, Jim Lambert

95) Eric Bates, Dora Danley, Chef Denny

96) Dora Danley, Chef Denny

97) Franklin Danley Cghef Denny

98) Frank Dewert, Rhonda Bossard, Carol Nase

99)  Carol Nase, Linda Lynn, Chef Denny Denny is so busy he needs 2 pair tongs  GOOG MAN

100)  Bliss Page, Robin Heath, Chef Denny

101)  Robin Heath, George Berg, Chef Denny

102) George Berg, Chef 2 tongs

103)  ????,  Jim Bury

104)  Janusz Scheffner

105)  Liz Bahl, Ruth Haley Chef Denny

106)  Ruth Haley

107)  Roberta Rogers, Chef Denny

108) Bill Rogers, Charlie Lockridge

109)  Bill Rodgers, Charlie Lockridge

110) Charlie Lockridge and yes it is chef Denny

111) Beth Ayres, Betty Page, Chef Denny

112) Carol Rissmiller, Chef Denny

113) Paul Demm, Chef Denny

114) Beth Ayres, David Hostetler, Chef Denny

115)  one of the guys in the Blue Grass band, Chef Denny

116) Les Haley, and Chef Denny

117) Phil from the band, Jonh Howard, Denny

118) Wendell Shafer, Ron Phillips, George Berg, Ben Albert, Bob Bahl

119)Eddie Bloxsom, Maria Bloxsom, Carol Nase, Rhonda Bossard, Rick Bossard, Bob Nase, Eric Bates

120) Dick Lynn, Les Haley, Paul Demm, Roberta Rogers, Bill Rogers, Phil, ???, Bill Bommer



123) Good Tunes

124) Frank Danley, Dean Ayres, Bob Bahl

125)  More Blue Grass


127) Lindsay Ayres, Joan King

128) Lindsay Ayres

129) Pam Tichy, Ron Tichy, Donna Blanchette, John Blanchette, Chuck Gallinger

130)  Ron Phillips, Jim Lambert, George Berg

131) Ruth Dewert, Betty Page, Myra Rissmiller, Linda Lynn, Ruth Haley, Liz Bahl, Ann Phillips

132) From the band, Bill Bommer, Bob Bahl, Dick Lynn

133) Dick Lynn grinding the burgers, We cut the meat grind it and pat them into burgers 

134) Donna Blanchette, Pam Tichy, Carol Foss, Andrea Smith, Ann Phillips, Dora Danley  The ladies live to pat the burgers and to eat them !!!!

135) Thats what makes a good burger TENDER LOVING CARE

136) More TLC

137) NOW !!! Chef Denny gets to cook the burgers to perfection

138) Ron Phillips (always the 1st one to eat) Ann Phillips

139) Ron Phillips, Ann Phillips

140) Chef Denny Lunch Home made hamburgers & Hot Dogs Maybe next year we can make our own hot dogs

141) Bob Bahl, Wendell Shafer

142) Al Smith, Pam Tichy

143) Ron Tichy, Al Smith, Joe Cartia

144) Sherrill Chaffin, Pam Tichy, Ron Tichy


145) Sherrill Chaffin, Bob Nase, Carol Nase


146) Sherrill Chaffin

147) Donna Blanette, John Blanette

148) Jim Labert


149) Andrea Smith, Al Smith

150) Robin Heath


151) Dora Danley, Franklin Danley

152) John Howard


153) John Howard

154) Wendell Shafer


155) Myra Rissmiller, Charlie Lockridge


156)  Myra Rissmiller, Charlie Lockridge


157)  Bliss Page, Betty Page, Myra Rissmiller, Charlie Lockridge Ruth Haley, Les Haley


158) Wendell Shafer, Ron Phillips, Kathy Ayres, Dean Ayres, George Berg

159)  Dean Ayres, George Berg, Ken Foss


160) Chef Denny Spraying the Roasted Grilled Potatos


161) Aaparagas in the basket ready to go on the grill


162) We hand cut and trim  our own Steaks and Chef Denny puts on the finishing touch's

163) and Big Edie is going to chow down on one of them to start


164) The Last Meal for 2012 Reunion  But come back 2013 for more  See you next year 

Thank You Tony for the photos

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