Hi Guys!!

The following pages have the info for the 2016 709th/99th reunion at my place in Phoenix, MD.

The dates are September 14-17, 2016, so mark your calendars NOW!!

We have a lot of good things going for our Association, and I already have a few ideas on how to make the BBQ even better this year!! So try to make this reunion!!!!

Watch the website as we’ll update the schedule and post more information as it develops.

Attendance at our reunions continues to grow--the direct result of many of you spreading the word to others.  We had over 70 people here this year. And as we discussed at the annual meeting, we should all try to get at least one more “brother” to come.

And remember, I am always here to help you, especially in getting ideas from you on how to improve our reunions and also trying to find more brothers. A lot of names and the best information we have available for addresses are on the website under “Lost and Found”.  In addition, Steve Fetty and I have often been successful in tracking down brothers who we have little data on. IT ALL STARTS WITH A PHONE CALL!!!!

Call anytime H-410-527-1204 or C-443-250-7642 and we’ll help as needed.

See you at the September 2016 reunion—our 12th!!!

Dean Ayres  



Message From The President

Dear Vietnam Veteran,

As the current president of the 709th Maintenance Battalion and 99th Combat Support Battalion Association, I want to extend a greeting of "Hello" and a heartfelt "Thank You" for your honorable service in Vietnam and the 9th Infantry Division.  You are an Army soldier who is a part of our country's national treasure - the U.S. Military.  You rightfully deserve to be proud of your military service. You served our country when many found ways to avoid service.

Our Association consists of members who served in Vietnam in the 9th Infantry Division has formed a group to share our special memories of that time so long ago. For me, it will be 50 years this fall that I left Oakland, CA aboard the troop ship “William S. Weigel,” for a ~23 day sailing to VN. Many of you reading this letter have similar experiences. It was a million dollar experience that you wouldn’t do again for a million dollars.

 At our reunions, we exchange stories of fear, loneliness, friendship, and the fun times-all embedded in our memories.  It is heartwarming to be together again with our brothers. Our reunions are hosted by our good friends, Dean Ayres and his family who will organize many activities, including, but not limited to, surprise guests, fireworks, and enough food and beverages to feed an army.  It is simply a great occasion and so much fun. You may come to the reunion as a stranger, but will leave with many new friends. Please bring along your significant other. All are welcome and all will come away as friends.

In order to maintain our organization, we need your support. The 709th Maintenance Battalion Officer Team and I invite you to attend the 2016 12th709th Maintenance Battalion/99th Support Group Reunion, September 14-17, 2016, and become a member of our Association. Our reunion will take place in the Hunt Valley, Maryland area.

The officers and I are planning a very special trip to the Washington. D.C. area for 2016. I am working with my congressman for a White House tour. I need your help, if you are interested in the complimentary tour of the WH, we need your Social Security Number (SSN) to get final clearance to the WH. I have checked around and there is no other way of getting a tour. The WH security is very anal about it. No Social Security Number-No White House tour. I will also have a US Capitol Building Tour with our own guide available, no SSN needed, as an addendum to the WH tour, or as a stand-alone tour instead of the WH tour. Dean will be enclosing this message from me and the necessary form for WH security , and the rest of the union registration information.  Those of you who are on the 709th Yahoo Groups already have the WH form as an attachment from me. We will do the same departure time from the Holiday In-Express in Hunt Valley as we’ve done in the past: Depart the hotel at 7:30 AM and leave for the hotel from DC ~3:00 PM. One more thing for you to consider, if you are not planning on the White House tour, you can be on your own until hotel departure time (~3:00 PM).

We invite you and spouse to participate in this year’s reunion. Dates: September 14-17, 2016, near Hunt Valley, MD.


Charles A (Chuck) Gallinger, President, 709th Battalion, 99th Support Reunion Group, 920.231.3485





Wednesday 14 SEP

After 6:00PM – Gather at Dean’s for beverages, food, schedule update, registration for Thursday’s bus trip for The White House Tour. The bus trip cost of $ 30.00 per person includes bus


Thursday 15 SEP

7:30AM –             bus departs Holiday Inn Express

12:00Noon – L10:00AM – Not taking tour? - Gather at Dean's, coffee and beverages available

12:00Noon – Lunch

1:30PM-6:00PM -- Socializing, reminiscing

6:00PM – Dinner


10:00PM – Close


Friday 16 SEP

10:00AM – Gather at Dean's, coffee and beverages available

12:00Noon – Lunch

2:30 – VA round table

5:00 – Guest Speaker Allen McCabe

6:00PM – Dinner, beverages and socializing at Dean’s

6:30 PM Blue Grass

10:00PM – Close 


Saturday 17 SEP 

10:00AM – Gather at Dean's, coffee and beverages available

12:00Noon – Lunch

1:30PM-2:30PM – Association annual meeting - see meeting agenda

3:00PM-4:30PM – Soldier Stories led by Kenny Foss

4:30PM – Hayrides

5:30PM – Dinner, beverages and socializing

6:30 PM – Music by Miss Moses Band

9:00PM Fireworks 

10:00PM Closing ceremony


Our reunions are open to all 9th Infantry Division Veterans and all Vietnam Veterans

Bring pix/slides/scrapbooks/memorabilia/etc.; PC, slide/LED projectors & screens are available Check website for updates at





Saturday SEP 17 – 1:30PM-2:30PM



Welcome                               Chuck Gallinger, President


Treasurer’s Report               Jack Delong


Membership Report             John Blanchette


Election and installation of new officers


Old Business


New Business




If you have any new Business you plan to bring up please let Chuck or Dean know so we can have as much info. At the meeting as needed


Thank You


Dean Ayres







   709th Maint Bn. & 99th CS Bn. Association

2016 Reunion Registration Form

14605 Old York Rd. Phoenix, MD. 21131

September 14th thru 17th


Name: __________________________________ Guest Name: _________________________________

    Please print your name (and Guest’s Name) the way you would like your name tags printed.

Registration Fee:         $130.00 Per Person x __ person:                                                                   $ ______         Bus Trip:                    ~$ 30.00 Per Person x __ person:                                                                        ______ 

Total for Guest:           $ ______                                                                                                            ______

Total Amount Rendered by Check/Money Order:                                                                             $ ______       

Please send your check:                    Payable to:      709th Maint. Bn & 99th CSB Assoc.

Mail To:           709th Maint Bn /99th CS Bn. Assoc

C/O Jack DeLong

 2325 Huntingdon Rd.

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006


You must mention that you are with the 709th Maint Bn Reunion to receive the special rate per night

The Holiday Inn Express

11200 York RD.

Hunt Valley, MD 21030

410-527-1500 ask for Tim Johnson Director of Sales, ext. 122

Rooms are $79.00 per night

Hotel Reservations Must be made before Aug 27 to receive this special rate. Reservations made after this date will be at the regular (and much higher) Hotel rate.


For more information contact Dean Ayres at or call at 410-527-1204;

 Cell: 443-250-7642; Phoenix, MD 21131 or on the web site at




2016 White House Security Clearance Information Sheet

A.      Veteran’s Last Name: _____________________________________________________________

B.      Veteran’s First Name: ____________________________________________________________

C.      Veteran’s Date of Birth: ___________________________________________________________

D.      Veteran’s Social Security Number: (               )  (          )  (                      )

E.       US Citizen: (      ) Yes                        (       ) No

F.       Country: _______________________________________________________________________

G.     Gender: (      )   Male                       (      ) Female

H.      City: __________________________________________________________________________

I.        State: _________________________________________________________________________

Spouse’s Information Sheet (If Applicable)

A.      Spouse’s Last Name: ____________________________________________________________

B.      Spouse’s First Name: ____________________________________________________________

C.      Spouse’s Date of Birth: __________________________________________________________

D.      Spouse’s Social Security Number: (                )  (          )  (                     )

E.       US Citizen: (          )  Yes   (          ) No

F.       Country: ______________________________________________________________________

G.     Gender: (          ) Male     (          ) Female

H.      City: _________________________________________________________________________

I.        State: ________________________________________________________________________

Please return this form to Chuck Gallinger: or USPS address: 3325 Vinland Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901. Must be postmarked by 4/20/2016

709TH Maintenance Battalion & 99th Association
2016 Day Trip to Washington, D.C. for a White House Tour
Also Included: A Guided Tour of the US Capitol Building

TO:                  709th Maintenance Battalion & 99th Association


FROM:            709th Reunion Officers, Chuck Gallinger, President


RE:                  12th 709th Maint Bn Reunion Day Trip Reservations, September 15, 2016


The 709th Maintenance Battalion Reunion Group is planning a day trip to Washington, D.C. including a complimentary tour of the White House. Also available: our own guided tour of the US Capitol Building.


You will need to fill out the attached form to gain admittance to the White House. The form asks for your complete Social Security Number for the WH security to check personal identity. The attached forms are to be sent to me via USPS mail or email. I will retain your form until we get the OK from the WH security. This should happen well before September 15th. When I get the OK from my congressman’s office or WH security, your form will be shredded. I took 12 high schoolers on this tour w/o any problems in 2002.

I have to have the White House Security forms returned to me NLT April 20, 2016. I have to process the forms and send them on to my congressman’s office en masse for submission to White House Security.


Cost of the trip will be ~$30.00 per person which includes all transportation charges.


Who:                                                   12th 709th Maint Bn & 99th Association Reunion

What:                                                  709th Maint Bn White House Tour and/or US Capitol Tour

When:                                                  Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time:                                                   7:30 AM

Cost:                                                    ~$30.00 per person, including Transportation

Lunch:                                                 On-Your-Own                                                           


Please Use Reunion Registration Form & make check payable to:

“709th & 99th Association”


Mail to:

709th Maint Bn 99th CSB Association

C/O Jack DeLong

2325 Huntingdon Road

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006


For further information on the tour please email or call Chuck Gallinger


Phone: 920.252.1945 (wireless)

Hi Guys


Here is the Info needed to get to my place and for the reunion


Dean W. Ayres

14605 Old York Rd

Phoenix, MD 21131

Dean’s Cell 443-250-7642


My Post Office is Phoenix, MD but it is in Jacksonville, MD and you may find that better on a Map. I’m also just out side of Jacksonville about ¾ of a mile


From Points North


Take rt. 83 south to Shawan Rd Exit  20-A east ( Hunt Valley) go about ¾ of a mile and turn Right on York Rd go to the top of the hill and turn left on Ashland Rd. that will turn to Papermill Rd go about 4 miles and turn left on Old York Rd. I’m about ¼ mile on the right  the house is on the left



From the South


Take I-95 North to I –695 to Towson North Exit 49-B go to I-83 north Exit 24 to Shawan Rd Exit  20-A east ( Hunt Valley) go about ¾ of a mile and turn Right on York Rd go to the top of the hill and turn left on Ashland Rd. that will turn to Papermill Rd go about 4 miles and turn left on Old York Rd. I’m about ¼ mile on the right  the house is on the left


From the West


I 70 east to 695 East ( Towson)   B go to I-83 north Exit 24 to Shawan Rd Exit  20-A east ( Hunt Valley) go about ¾ of a mile and turn Right on York Rd go to the top of the hill and turn left on Ashland Rd. that will turn to Papermill Rd go about 4 miles and turn left on Old York Rd. I’m about ¼ mile on the right the house is on the left


From BWI Air port


Take 195 to I-95 north to I –695 to Towson North Exit 49-B go to I-83 north Exit 24 to Shawan Rd Exit  20-A east ( Hunt Valley) go about ¾ of a mile and turn Right on York Rd go to the top of the hill and turn left on Ashland Rd. that will turn to Papermill Rd go about 4 miles and turn left on Old York Rd. I’m about ¼ mile on the right  the house is on the left.


The motel is in Hunt Valley AKA Cockeysville Between I-83 And York Rd.  I will get the info. For them and add it to this letter and resend it so you can keep it all on the same page. I have also attached maps to this e mail so you can print


Dean Ayres









Spouse’s Name:________________________






Phone (Home)________________________Phone (Office)________________________


E Mail (Home)_______________________E Mail (Office)________________________


What Company and Platoon were you in:______________________________________


What Base Camp did you call home:__________________________________________


What Dates were you in the 709th or 99th:______________________________________


Dues:______ Annual - $  20.00   ______ 3 year - $ 50.00   Donations: _______________


Please make all checks payable to; 709th Maint. Bn. & 99th CSB Association and Mail to


John F. Delong   2325 Huntingdon Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006


Please refer to the web site at for more Info.